Looking For an Unusual But Profitable Investmenr Vehicle?

The Market in War Medals Might Be a Fit

Would you like to make money from a hobby that interests you? Fed up with the intricacies of residential mortgages, commercial mortgages and the like. Could collecting Medals be an alternative investment that works for you providing both financial reward and interest? Medal collecting can be an absorbing and remunerative alternative to traditional investments.

The most valuable medals will always be in short supply because not many have been or will be issued. They are only awarded for acts of exceptional courage or bravery. Many are also only awarded in times of war. The economics of supply and demand therefore mean that on the supply side the market is limited. But each medal tells a story and these stories are of importance to a wide range of collectors so there is always strong demand for the best medals.

When you’re new to the subject, it can seem obtuse on how to start, most people start as they have inherited or found a medal, so we’ll start from this angle. Start your research with the campaign the medal was awarded in, do some background not just to add value, but you will also learn how to spot copies and fake medals, lessening your chances of being swindled.

The varying array of medals, not to mention citations and ribbons can overwhelm any newcomers to the hobby, luckily Her Majesty’s Stationary Office have a very thorough, in depth guide to all military awards past and present. In some ways it is the holy bible of medal collecting, in the UK at least, after all, how can you make sure you are making a wise investment without having an in depth look at what you are buying? You wouldn’t just buy a property without conveyance and structural surveys would you? The same applies in this instance.

Then you have to consider where the best place to purchase medals is. There are registered dealers to who you can go. As always these days there will also be medals to purchase on the internet at sites like eBay but you must be careful. There is a market of fake memorabilia and it is easy for the unwary or inexperienced to be caught out. You need to do your research into any medals available for sale.

You can visit the various medal fairs held all over the Country to find medals for sale These will be advertised in the many magazines that cater for collectors or as always today can probably be found online. These give you a chance to meet fellow collectors and share information and tips for successful buying.

Another important reason to getting down to a collectors fair is that you really need to look at a medal in detail before you buy to make sure it’s the real thing. It is a simple enough thing as every medal has the service number and name of the recipient on the rim of the medal, the National Archives keep all records of personnel, so it’s easy to investigate whether a medal is a fake or not, plus it’s a good springboard for researching the history of the medal.

There are a number of organizations who can be helpful in your research. For example the OMRS or Orders Medals and Research Society. Join such organizations. Meet with fellow collectors. Develop your expertise in the areas you chose to specialize in. This will all pay dividends to improving your knowledge and expertise.

Depending on who the medal was awarded to will also affect the price and value, for instance medals for officers usually have a higher price than the same medal awarded to a private. Not only that, but medals awarder to units that were on the front line are also more sought after than the medals given to regiments, support staff or logistical regiments who were not on the front line but in the same battle/campaign. So you can see, if you put the logic together, a medal awarded to an officer who was on the front line at the time would be the most valuable.

The rewards for successful medal investments can be substantial. They can often be more than monetary if you get really into your areas of expertise and start to make friends and contacts with other enthusiasts. They are an interesting alternative to property investment for the right person

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