We have created numerous Advanced Tools that are offered to you for free with our semens Web Hosting Control Panel! They are suitable for web developers or for site owners who need to handle their hosting environment independently. You can quickly create an .htaccess file, customize the PHP build for use on your cloud hosting account, customize the php.ini file, set up a variety of automated jobs and applications, plus more!

All of the Advanced Tools follow the structure pattern of our Web Hosting Control Panel, which makes them quite simple to use.

Hotlink Protection

Shield yourself from traffic cyber–theft

Whenever you come up with genuine website content there is always someone that will try to make use of devoid of your agreement. It is true simultaneously to textual content plus pictures. That’s where the Hotlink Protection tool integrated into semens’s Web Hosting Control Panel will surely assist you. With just a click of the mouse, you are going to shield all pics within your website by stopping other websites from backlinking to them.

This way, you will not only avoid others from stealing your pics, but you’ll at the same time make sure you stick to your monthly data traffic limitation.

Hotlink Protection

.htaccess generator

Automatic creation of .htaccess files

Incorporated in the semens Web Hosting Control Panel you can discover .htaccess Generator – an effective instrument, which allows you to produce .htaccess files without the need to make them manually. Our tool demands absolutely no expertise and absolutely no comprehension of .htaccess file management.

By having an .htaccess file, you can easily reroute a few web pages within your site or whole website to a different location. You can even apply it to safeguard a folder with a password as well as to permit PHP code inside HTML files, etc.

.htaccess Generator

IP blocking

Block out malicious IPs from your website

In order to block out a spammer from your website, a web troll from your discussion forum as well as a a stack of IPs flooding your website, you need to make the most of semens’s simple–to–use IP blocking tool. It enables you to swiftly hinder an IP address as well as a a full IP array from ever opening your site.

Our IP Blocking tool is definitely quick. All you have to actually do is type in, the IP address (or addresses) that you’d like to block and then press the action button. All IP addresses you’ve entered are going to be impeded automatically.

IP Blocking