If you create a new website, it’s crucial to find the best design for it. From the semens Web Hosting Control Panel you can do that very quickly. We have got for you an array of over 800 distinctive website themes obtainable for no charge. They are offered with every one of our cloud hosting accounts and are thoroughly easy to customize.

Practically all of our templates are created only for our services and aren’t presented any place else outside of the Control Panel. As a result the possibility to discover others with similar template just like you are actually reduced.

800+ No Charge Templates

Entirely customizable. Automatic Installing

To save you time when choosing the correct overall look for your web site, we’ve designed a number of more than 800 no charge templates within the semens Control Panel. The styles are built to cover diverse topics and necessities – you can get themes both for individual websites including blogs or portfolios and also company sites or e–shops.

All of our no charge templates are available along with both our Application Installer and semens’s Website Installer Tool. It means that you are able to deploy the template you prefer on a different website within seconds.

Free Website Themes